P2E, NFT videogames


What NFT games are worth playing in 2023? What promising games will be released this year? Is it worth investing your money and time in p2e?

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My #1 NFT game is Gods Unchained. Its similar to Heartstone. Its has good free to play options so no need to buy any NFTs

Can't say that I'am an expert in Web3 GameFi but i guess this part of the decentalised market have changed since 2021 bullish.

How? Web3 games represented only by NFTs (minting, developing bla bla) and tokens for competitions lose the audience. Personally, I can't event call a dApp with NFTs and tokens a game even if they have a kind of competition tournaments ( StepN and friends).

I bieleve in Metaverse Games with real decentralization without even any investments)