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Cryptocurrency and NFT Trends in 2023 Hello, here I want to discuss the future trends in the crypto community this year. In past years, it was also DEFI, p2e/m2e, various token sales (ICO, IDO and more) 2023 - ........ I think its wallets, regulation and many bankruptcies

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Thank you for this discussion !

Web3 market is new to our planet but it is still market. I mean that any market have one thing in common - cycled way of development. High level of volatility on crypto market is just a sindrom of smth new (think of roaring 20s in the US and following Great Depression). Invisible hand (by Smith) of the market makes its job)

What's next? Sure that the next cycle gonna be about AI, Metaverse and governmental regulations of crypto.

With so many big crashes in 2022, we should expect regulations to change significantly.

A bear market will definitely clear the field and many of the projects will not survive or give up if they joined the space because of the hype. Those who are strong enough and believe in their vision will stay.

At least at beginning of the year AI and ChatGPT seem to be a big thing. I am interested to see if there will be projects leveraging both, AI and blockchain.

I personally looking forward to seeing the first Web3 projects getting to mass adoption. Technology is getting mature enough to get us there.