How do you see the next bull cycle?


It seems that we are waiting for the most ambitious cycle, which will become historical and will be remembered for its scope. Cryptocurrencies are getting closer to mass adoption. It's very interesting to watch.

  • If we take into account the fact that in 2022 the cryptocurrency market was invested with record amounts, then what can we expect in the next growth cycle?

  • Will more projects take care of their safety? Will there be even more hackers who will try to take possession of the funds dishonestly?

  • What price will bitcoin reach? How wide will the bull market cover the population of the planet, which is not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies?

  • Will NFT technology open up in a broader paradigm?

  • What contribution will artificial intelligence make?

  • What to expect from the regulator?

  • What possibilities of the DAO will be revealed in a new light?

  • To what extent will SocialFi play a key role?

  • What technologies are still lacking in blockchains?

  • How will wallets compete with others?

  • How will blockchains compete for users? Will they be able to move or get closer to the hegemons of the Web 3.0 industry?

  • How close will institutional structures come to cryptocurrencies and how many will there be?

Answers 1

I think a new bull cycle will come when no one expects it, either after the Bitcoin halving, as happened in past times, or in 24-25 years.