How to run your own node to inscribe an Bitcoin Ordinal?


Hello Everyone form All Things Web3: Can anyone describe in brief about on how to setup our own Node to Inscribe an Ordinal for minimal cost requirement?

Answers 1

To set up your own Node to Inscribe an Ordinal for minimal cost requirements, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a cloud provider: You can use a cloud provider like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. These providers offer free tiers that allow you to run a small instance for free.

  2. Choose a server: You can choose a server like Ubuntu or CentOS to run your Node.

  3. Install Node.js: You can install Node.js on your server using the package manager of your chosen operating system.

  4. Install Inscriber: You can install Inscriber, a package that allows you to create ordinals, using the Node Package Manager (npm).

  5. Create a script: You can create a script that uses Inscriber to create ordinals. Your script should include the following steps:

    • Connect to the Inscriber API
    • Generate an ordinal
    • Store the ordinal in a database or file
  6. Run the script: You can run the script on your server using the Node.js command line interface.