Good morning, everyone. I am a web3.0 frontend developer, but I'm just starting out. After learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue framework, and React framework, I don't plan to learn smart contracts for now. How should I continue my learning?

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Hey there! As a web3.0 frontend developer, you're already off to a great start. What I'd say the next step is:

  1. Dig deeper into web3 frameworks. Look beyond Vue and React and explore other web3-focused frameworks like Drizzle or Embark. They're meant to make building dApps easier, and from my experience can be super useful for your projects.
  2. Check storages eg IPFS or Swarm. Understanding how to use distributed storage can make your apps more resilient.
  3. Learn some decentralized identities like SelfKey or uPort. Learn about self-sovereign identity principles and play around integrating them into your web3 apps.
  4. And probably simply start building something. Build real-world projects using your existing skills. Personal advice: focus on creating user-friendly interfaces and working with web3 tools and libraries.

And yeah, don't forget, the web3 world keeps evolving, so learning will never finish but it shouldn't stop you from building. Don't hesitate to explore online courses, tutorials, and developer communities (Developer Dao Academy and tons of other web3 educational olatforms for example) for more learning opportunities. Good luck, man!