How Can a Remote Developer or Worker Maintain Good Health?


Yes, you're transforming the world and facilitating automation, but when was the last time you had your health checked? And how healthy is your remote way of life?

Following the corona virus epidemic, businesses adopted technology and those who didn't adapt were left behind. This post is meant to serve as a reminder to all remote web 3 developers, programmers, data analysts, social media managers, creators and others about the need of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, if you want to work remotely, become accustomed to this way of life as you get ready to land your first remote position.

Advantages of working remotely

  1. Improved work-life balance.
  2. Increased productivity.
  3. Timelessness.
  4. Cost efficient.

The devastating health issues of remote jobs

Many remote workers suffer from health problems that have become a part of their lifestyle. Most of these unhealthy habits have long-term impacts that are noticeable later in life. Here are a few major health risks that remote employees must deal with:

  1. Isolation.
  2. Poor Ergonomics.
  3. Poor vision.
  4. Respiratory complications.
  5. Hearing problems.
  6. Overweight.

How you can live healthy while working remotely

  1. It is impossible to overstate the value of exercise for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The body systems are all improved by exercise. Join a fitness center, sign up for their group exercise classes and maintain your overall health while expanding your social activities to combat loneliness and boredom.

  2. As an employer, offer mental health benefits and schedule regular check-ins with remote employees to promote socialization and reduce isolation.

  3. Purchase ergonomic items for your remote workspace to avoid bone and muscle-related issues while maintaining good posture when working.

  4. Conduct regular ergonomic assessments with a health facility and/ or health professional.

  5. As an employer, offer extra allowances that cover purchases of ergonomic items for remote workers.

  6. You can use blue light or always active night light with reduced screen brightness for your devices. Choose glasses with polarized or tinted glass and an anti-reflective coating if you can afford to.

  7. Keep your eyes moist regularly using lubricating drops. Remember to blink frequently and keep your lubricating drops near your computer or in your workspace to easily remember to use them.

  8. Always go for regular eye checkups with a health professional.

  9. Do not settle for a poor standard workspace. Ensure your workspace is well-ventilated properly. A flower vase with good green plants would do some good for you.

  10. Eat moderately, drink water frequently and most importantly, maintain good health.

Final Words

*Every human being needs to live a healthy life. These optimal medical practices might not be feasible given the global economic conditions we currently find ourselves in. However, both as an employer and a remote developer or worker, it is crucial to take these into account.

**Thanks for reading.


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