Aptos VS SUI , which is more potential ?


which one is and write down the reason ……

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If sui starts up no less successfully than aptos, then over time it will be clear. Aptos attracted a lot of attention at the exit with distributions / hype, + he grew a lot.

as aptos had gotten more popular now mainly due to distribution recently, many users in the community have their eyes on it but we have to also know that currently sui is in devlopment stage and its member are working with many projects and also working with the community to make the best out of it. its going to be interesting while most of us cant much about it but i will have my bet on sui blockchain

I think Sui despite the fact that Aptos is more popular now, but I think it's because of the distribution of tokens

Will be SUI.Aptos is like a bubble.

it's hard to say now , each of them's background is strong , so it's a mystery until the last time .

Aptos and Sui look very promising. But Sui definitely has its advantages! Sui plans to shard data storage efficiently & scale its resources horizontally.

Aptos , which has more ecosystem projects now ! and a large of developers on it .