What is the roadmap to become web 3.o developer?


Im stuck between how to start the web 3.o roadmap.I dont understand the basic flow for the beginners.If anyone guide me it would be a great help.Thanks in advance.

Answers 1

I assume that you are a software developer already.

This is the plan that I would recommend:

  1. Basics of cryptography: asymmetric encryption, public and private key, hash algorithms;
  2. Blockchain basics and how it works in general. Understand blocks, transactions, consensus algorithm, etc;
  3. Bitcoin: understand how it works under the hood. I think it is important because it is the first blockchain;
  4. Ethereum and smart contracts: learn how Ethereum is deferent from Bitcoin and what is smart contracts;
  5. Smart contracts development with Solidity: it has the most information and tutorials available on the internet than any other language for smart contract development and the language is pretty simple;
  6. Decentralized storage (IPFS, Filecoin): it is an important component for many decentralized application;
  7. Explore other blockchains and smart contract language and find the one you like the most. There are many promising projects out there as Solana, Avalanche, Sui and more.