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I have found out a little more about Web3 email services, I leave you with my research.

Maskbook (now known as Mask Network) is a decentralized application with the following features:

1- End-to-end encryption: Mask Network provides end-to-end encrypted communication, ensuring that only the intended recipients can read the messages.

2- Decentralization: Leveraging blockchain technology, Mask Network operates without a central authority, enhancing privacy and security.

3- Social network integration: Mask Network can be integrated with existing social media platforms, enabling encrypted communication without needing to leave your favorite social networks.

4- Cryptocurrency support: Mask Network supports various cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) services, allowing users to make transactions and manage assets within the platform.

5- Web3 compatibility: Mask Network is built with web3 in mind, meaning it's designed to work with decentralized applications (dApps) and services on the decentralized web.

6- Browser extension: Mask Network is available as a browser extension, making it easy to install and use across multiple devices and platforms.

7- Open-source: Mask Network is open-source, promoting transparency and allowing the community to contribute to its development and improvements.

These features make Mask Network an attractive option for those seeking a secure and private communication tool in the web3 environment.

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Thank you for sharing the details about Mask Network.

Web3 protocol for secure messaging in Web3 that I have seen previously is XMTP. It is worth looking at if you are researching this topic.

Another popular secure alternative in Web2 is Proton.

  • Thank you for your valuable input! It's great to see the community sharing additional information and expanding on the topic. XMTP sounds like an interesting protocol to explore for secure messaging in the Web3 environment. I appreciate your recommendation, and I'll be sure to look into it further.

    It's also helpful to know about secure alternatives in the Web2 space, like Proton, as they can provide inspiration and insights for developing Web3 communication tools. It's essential to keep learning from different sources and stay up-to-date with emerging technologies in both Web2 and Web3 domains.

    Thanks again for your contribution to the discussion. It's always wonderful to see the community come together and exchange knowledge to help each other grow and learn