Is is possible to scrap IPFS, can I store sensible data without encryption safely?


Hi everyone,

I wondered how difficult it is to get to specific data on IPFS and if I should encrypt sensible data if I plan to host it there.

I suppose it's always best practice to encrypt sensible data, but I would also like to know if someone can scrap IPFS like Google bots are scraping the web.


Could be nice to add IPFS tag to Peeranha tags

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All data on the IPFS is public. It means that anyone can access it.

Yes, it is possible to scrape all of the information on IPFS. IPFS does not provide that search out of the box but it is possible to implement one. There have been projects like trying that.

If you store a sensible data on IPFS than you should definitely encrypt it. If that data requires sharing and access control capabilities than you can look at the