How to get NFT for free?


I'm really interested in the subject of NFT. But I wouldn't want to spend my money to buy a cryptocurrency. Can I get it for free?

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Find Web3 startup - join the whitelist (more accounts = more chances to get free NFT) - get the NFT - HODL!

Hey! Here some main variants: 1.Get free NFTs in-game Non-exchangeable tokens are integrated into many play-to-earn projects. These games often give away NFT rewards. For example, it may be a new skill for a character.

2.Take part in an NFT giveaway It's not uncommon for the crypto industry to hold non-mutually exchangeable token giveaways. The process usually covers an audience of specific platforms or companies. For example, non-interchangeable token giveaways are often conducted in Discord communities.

You can get NFT, among other things, for being active. Some Discord channels give non-exchangeable tokens to authors of popular publications and users who participate in the life of the community. You can also get NFTs for free in various raffles.

3.Taking part in an AIRDROP Airdrop is a planned campaign to give away digital assets. This scheme is used by developers to draw attention to their projects and build an audience.