Web3 and environment


Is Web3 be carbon neutral? What impact does blockchain technology has on our environment?

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That's a nice question. The greatest impact on the environment in web3 is made by volumetric calculations performed in projects using the PoW protocol. The Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol works differently than the PoW protocol. Instead of computers trying to dial a number, it attracts a miner from the number of PoS tokens that he owns. With the growing popularity of the PoS protocol, the trend is that web3 is becoming more and more stable. It is difficult to achieve being carbon neutral, but there is no doubt that the real problems and criticisms of web3 today are related to the use of PoW protocols. It is likely that PoW will be less and less represented on web3. The reason is simple: utilitarian applications require smart contracts, and this is not the focus of Bitcoin which is the base of PoW. So over time the impact on the environment will only decrease, although it is unlikely to completely disappear.