Feature request: Answer your own question in 1 transaction

One of the most common things I do on stackoverflow and stack exchange is ask a question and then answer it myself in the same transaction. It's important because if I learn something and I want to be able to share it with the world with as little friction as possible. It would be a great feature to add here.

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    Hi! Sure that the best way to post a quesntion and answer under one transaction is "Tutorials". Moreover, it will bring more reputation.

    • I'm not sure "Tutorials" is the correct way though, what if someone has a better solution to the original question, would they have to make a new tutorial? Now instead of all the tutorials being in the same place, you have to search through a bunch of tutorials. I think there should be one place with all the answers to a question, instead of fragmenting. Thoughts?
    • Hmm...Food for our thoughts. One the one hand, you can make comments to the tutorials. On the other, they have limit of 1000 chars. But Noted

    I think you already can do it here. Just make a post of such form: "Q: How can I do question and answer in same transaction? A: Type them in same post."