Are there any sid3-effects of using mappings in structs?


I have a question for any solidity expert out there. Is there any downside/security risk to storing mappings inside structs? I'm aware that deleting the struct won't delete the mapping as it's stored as a keccak256 of the mapping name and key rather than inside the struct itself. I also aware that with ethers the mapping won't be returned as the evm doesnt store the mapping in the struct so it doesnt know where to find it except a separate getter function is created for it

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In addition to your points: 1 - A struct containing mapping can't be stored in a *memory* variable and will cause *Type struct XXX is only valid in storage because it contains a (nested) mapping.*; 2 - All keys in a mapping are always initialized with value *0x0*. For that reason, *0x0* in the logic should be reserved for uninitialized values. Otherwise, there is no way to differentiate a value that was set to *0x0* and uninitialized value; 3 - There is now way to list all set key values in a mapping nor their count. If there is a need for that, then they need to be stored separately. OpenZepplin provides few class for extending the mapping, for example [EnumerableMap](