How long does it take for a lens protocol post to index?


I've [created a post]( to lens protocol, however, when I query for it, it doesn't show up. GraphQL Query: ``` query Publication($request: PublicationQueryRequest!) { publication(request: $request) { ... on Post { metadata { content } } } } ``` Variables: ``` { "request": { "txHash": "0xc619a4543bdd6210fd68af71634da4fcbc5bdb024a4ad3ddbd23130b4bafcccf" } } ``` When will I see it?

Answers 1

It gets indexed almost immediately, however, you need to make sure you have all the [required metadata]( in your content. You can test by running a metadata query on ``: ```gql query ValidatePublicationMetadata { validatePublicationMetadata( request: { metadatav2: { description: "What are stablecoins? What do they do in DeFi? Why do people mint stablecoins? Where are stablecoins as if Nov 2022?" content: "Your article here" name: "What Is a Stablecoin? (But Actually)" image: "ipfs://QmQBxgAbbHqZMTQYyGE44siuZ6BzQGeHt3vGHCENpj3TEv" version: "2.0.0" metadata_id: "ad436b9e-2cbb-4140-b199-368533c4b88d" locale: "en-US" mainContentFocus: ARTICLE imageMimeType: "image/png" appId: "lensBlog" attributes: [] } } ) { valid reason } } ```