What are the NFTs for Peeranha?


Being active in the community earns each user a certain amount of reputation. Thus, by increasing the levels of reputation each user reaches a certain [status](https://peeranha.io/faq#section_id_4) and each status has its own NFT. These status NFTs are limited, and once they're all distributed among Peeranha users, we're not planning on making more. Moreover, as the user status increases, the total supply of NFTs that belong to a certain status decreases. For example, the first status is Stranger and only 10000 users can earn this NFT but the last status is Superhero and only first 100 users can earn this status NFT. To check how many more reputation points you need to achieve your next status: 1. Visit your profile; 2. Click NFTs; 3. Check the progress bar below each status NFT; 4. Continue to be active on Peeranha; 5. Achieve a certain status and get your hands on a desirable NFT.

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