Is Web3 sexist?

Why the gap between men and women in Web3 is so big?

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    That's a good question. I've never thought about it before. But I start reading the different article about it, and this topic occurs to be a hot one. I think that it takes its roots from the general assumptions about women in the society. Also women face more barriers than men, like blatant gender bias, fear of failure due to cultural upbringing, lack of access to capital, a smaller network compared to male peers,etc. But I feel that situation is improving a little as I came across with some communities that unites women who wants to influence Web3. It would be interesting to hear other opinion as well 🤔

    • During my work at Peeranha I have faced some difficulties. For example my male colleagues could send the same message to the same person and get positive feedback whereas I either din't get feedback at all or wasn't taken seriously. I feel like women in Web3 have to work even harder to prove themselves to be capable and worthy. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand. People in Web3 should be more open-minded and modern-thinking
    • Good comment, thank you for your opinion.