The difference between Polygon


Which the main difference between Polygon and other blockchains? I understand low fee mb fast speed transaction, but what alse?

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A lot off times when someone say Polygon they mean Polygon PoS. Polygon is much more than that. There is whole spectrum of scaling solutions in Polygon ecosystem: **Polygon zkEVM** - The first open-source zkProver that provides complete EVM opcode equivalence and the security of Ethereum. **Polygon Avail** - A general-purpose, scalable data availability-focused blockchain targeted for standalone chains and off-chain scaling solutions. **Polygon Edge** - A modular and extensible framework for building private or public Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. **Polygon Nightfall** - A one-of-a-kind scaling solution that uses optimistic roll-ups along with Zero-Knowledge cryptography (zk-rollup). **Polygon Miden** - A STARK based zk-rollup with support for arbitrary smart contracts. **Polygon Zero** - A highly-scalable, Ethereum-compatible zk-rollup. It uses an incredibly fast recursive proof system that is Eth-friendly. **Polygon Supernets** - End-to-end service to build and power your dedicated blockchain. Speaking of Polygon PoS (or MATIC), it is not a standalone chain, it is L2 blockchain. Polygon PoS is sidechain for Ethereum. It uses Proof of Stake consensus, as you could guess from its name. Polygon PoS saves checkpoints on Ethereum mainnet periodically. Assets can be securely transfered from Polygon PoS to Ethereum Mainnet and back with Plasma Bridge.