What is web3 in simple terms?

I am a novice here. So, I'd like to know more about this topic :)

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It's a concept of decentralization based on blockchain. No single side controlling information, no risks for you private data to be stolen, completely different way to earn money.

  • Web 1,2,3 are just historical periods in www development. Web 3 it's new step, connected with decentralization
  • Web 1 - static websites, text or simple graphics, and the vast majority are consumers. Web 2 - dinamic, interactive content. Each user can become a creator (Instagram, Reddit, etc.) Monetization is about ads. And content creators can't controle their content. Web 3 - each content creator has their own rights to his content. Decentralization and extensibility. Access to state (hello blockchain). And of course tokenomics (economi based on cryptocurrency