CEX vs DEX - Let's discuss


What do you use for crypto operations? What do you like about DEXes? What do you like about CEXes? Share your thoughts!

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This should be a great topic! Each play their own role, I'll briefly share my perspective about the two types of exchanges. First, lets cover the **Centralized Exchanges**. A most nessesary resource for the adoption of cryptocurrency and altcoins in particular. Without CEX being convienently available for users to onramp and trade multiple cryptocurrencies, most people's entry point would be to mine their first Bitcoin. **Decentralized Exchanges**, on the other hand, offer users the opportunity to aquire a far greater number of altcoins. Many tokens available only through a DEX have complicated transaction taxes which make them difficult for a CEX to facilitate. These transaction taxes are commonly referred to as **'tokenomics'** which often become very complex with tokens listed on the **Binance Smart Chain** (BSC). I cover many of these altcoins with complicated tokenomics on my blog under [BSCgems](https://definoodle.com/gems/bscgems). I do most of my trading on a DEX, how about you?