The most interesting event for Web3 community


Hi riders and hunters! Let's discuss the most interesting events in Web3. Share you experience and examples.

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good evening, for me I am still new in the WEB3, and exactly at the end of June 2022. the story started with the terra luna crash where everyone was talking about a crash in the crypto world. and as I am curious, I like to be interested in crypto in particular and blockchain in general. I read articles, videos on youtube and on twitter... after a good while, a crypto attracts my intention by its project and what it prepares in the future, and I decided to buy it and seeing that I don't know anything how to do it, I asked a friend and advised me to use Metamask since I would be the owner of my account without an intermediary, and it worked and now I contain some cryptos. Currently, I am very interested in projects that have a real use in our daily life. thank you for your reading