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Do we have to approve every action?

Just registered here although I have been planning that for months. And I found it a little complicated for the average user. The process of registration I mean and everything. I'm using Chrome Android. But in any case, do we have to enter manually our private key for every action? Even to subscribe to a Community?

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If you are logged in with the wallet, KeyCat or Wombat I guess if you are using Chrome Android, so yes, you should confirm every action with your private key. You can save it to your browser keys and it will be automatically filled every time when the confirmation pop-up will show up.

Also you can sign up with your email, choose the option "I have Telos account" and enter the same Telos account and key that you used when was registering by the wallet. If you log in by the email, you don't have to confirm every action.

No, you should definitely NOT be using your private keys for all of these transactions. Peeranha is great in that you can just set up a common user/password and import you key into it once for an easy experience. (Go to your Profile to do this). That was really state of the art when Peerahna started out but now we have a lot of other great signing tools on Telos like Anchor and Telos Sign. So just find one that you like and use that for everything would be my recommendation.

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