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Why don't list PEER

Why don't list PEER as a BSC-20 TOKEN?

This is an actual trend at the moment and considering PEER has a very big utility I think this will be successful and will attract a lot of investors and new active members.

Other improvements can come after that while our user base is growing organically.

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I think PEER will soon be listed as a Telos token, which makes the most sense because the token is here on Telos and Telos DeFi markets are going to be growing big time very soon, I think. Listing on BSC brings in the problems with bridges. It's probably more than it's worth for PEER at the moment, but having liquidity and a market for PEER on Telos through Tswaps.com will be great.

I spoke to the Peeranha developers a while ago about why they haven't brought out the token as a utility token yet and listed on markets. They have really great plans from what they told me but don't want to do it too soon. I've recently suggested an idea to them for raising the money they need to make Peeranha a huge success. I think this is one of the greatest dapps around and it's only lack of resources holding it down.

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