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What is the current status of peeranha?

I noticed that activities have slowed down unlike at the beginning. Do I hope for a bounce back?

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The Peeranha project keeps developing with new features. There was a big update released this week, which included:

  1. Boost rewards (Now users are able to multiply their rewards and get more PEER tokens for being active every week)
  2. Promoted Questions (Pin your question to the top of the related community's questions list and attract more user's attention to it)
  3. Sign in bonus (Get additional rating points for being active on the website every 3 days)

Also, there are new updates of Peeranha Telegram bot (@PeeranhaBot).

Check the FAQ page for more detailed information.

So, from now, the more active users are, the more rewards they will get.

I'm a Peeranha outsider but also one of the longest, most active users. I think the potential for Peeranha is massive if it can just import more users and value. There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of blockchain project that have delivered nothing even close to the value and utility of Peeranha, but still have multi-million dollar valuations. I think the time has come to push Peeranha forward and show everyone how GD great it is!

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