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Boid Season 5 ideas

any ideas for the theme of the next season of Boid?

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More community engagement and focus on token utility. lets get more people talking about boid. social competitions & giveaways should be regular to attract fresh blood, long time boid supporters should be acknowledged to encourage continued participation; could hold a social challenge where ppl post thier first/ earliest/latest/ boid payout/ stake or purchase tx for prizes(nfts, boid power, boid stake,etc) - . more use cases for the token (love the nft endeavor btw) a good start. Also about time a BOID DAC was set in motion. MORE collaboration with other EOS projects like Chintai, Vigor (has a great grassroot community boid could tap into) or Defibox. Get boid token into Defi somehow. Also get boid on some more exchanges. AND ADD ANCHOR SUPPORT for goodness stake!!! xo.

feet pics as tradeable. like as q nft.

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