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How much would it cost to connect all existing weather data to Telos?

Instead of launching our own weather balloons how much would it cost to get us connected to all of the existing weather databases?

Id love a Telos Radar system where everyone could become meterorologistsand earn TLOS for predicting weather with IQ prediQt chainlink style tech :)

Just wanted to test out Peeranha!

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Hey Ackza!

The eosio blockchain wouldn't be able to handle ALL the atmospheric data out there, simply because there are so many ground stations. But getting all the radiosonde data onto Telos is possible!

The good thing about radiosonde data is that it is not very horizontally dense. There are only about 90 radiosonde stations in the U.S. that launch twice per day. And most only go back to about 1930. It would take millions of dollars to most of that data on Telos, but if the NWS ever has to deal with cyber attacks, it may be worth it someday!

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