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I am asking to know how to convert peeranha tokens Telos.

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PEER tokens do not currently have a market. While we could open trading for them on Alcor.exechage or create a liquidity pool on TSwaps.com, with no idea about an appropriate price, it seems there's little opportunity to create a meaningful market.

The Peeranha team has said that they want to wait until new features are in place before allowing PEER to have a use. I believe you will be able to promote questions, create bounties for answers or even pay individuals to give answers. These are just guesses, but it seems reasonable. So I think there will be a real market for PEER soon. But for me, even though it would be easy to create a market right now, I'd rather let the Peeranha team move this forward according to their own plans.

But I do believe that Peeranha won't fully take off until there's a market for PEER tokens. So I hope they do it soon.

Someone has to open a TLOS/PEER pair on https://telos.alcor.exchange/markets.
It costs 100 TLOS only.

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