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Store content on blockchain vs IPFS?

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Storing information on blockchain is expensive. Many dApps decide to store some of the content off-chain, for example in IPFS. Is there a general guideline for storing data on-chain vs off-chain?

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Hi James.

I'm not sure there is a guideline out there but id love to provide my opinion as biased(to product/ux) as it may be. I believe we need to focus on product first, and this means not getting too over focused on having everything on chain. User experience matters after all!

Here are my suggestions

What should definitely be on chain:

  • Tokens
  • Digital Items (NFT's)
  • Governance / Control

What is good/ideal to run on chain:

  • User accounts (Whether custodial or not)
  • hashes of files / comments / data (Where it makes sense)

What shouldn't be on chain but can be:

  • files /images
  • text / messages (other than memos intended to be seen by all)

Above is a very general answer - There is no simple answer, it really all depends on your use case.. I just urge you to focus on making a compelling product first and foremost as there are already plenty of blockchain enabled apps out there with no users :-D It is near on impossible to create a successful product if we totally throw out start up basics (its already incredibly hard to create a successful project without decentralization maximalism)



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