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What affects Telos price?

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What are the key factors that determine the token price? How to increase its price?

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Hi - Want to Fly.

The simple answer is demand, but i'm sure you know that.. There is a lot of complexities in the still very immature crypto markets and ill try and break them down.

Hype / Hype Cycles - ie whether the type of digital asset or similar assets are receiving a lot of attention and price action.

Pumping - Is the price being manipulated by whales.. More common outside of Telos.

Utility - Are vast quantities of Telos required for staking to resources or to create liquidity pools

*Network Effect/ Growth *- How many people know about telos, how many people hold or use telos/TLOS. How much do they believe in telos.

Availability - How easy is it to get your hands on telos - the easier it gets the higher chance of telos going up. We must continue to push for more exchanges and wallets etc.

Trust in Project - Do people trust the projects leadership/community to continue the project indefinitely (in telos' case there are no centralized reliance points except maybe b1 who is well funded)

As a community we must work on hyping in a ethical manner without overstepping line(ie doing quality marketing/education), continuing to build utility, network effects, availability and trust. We should definitely avoid pumping as that only results in un-natural growth and really only serves those who are unethical.

On telos we have definitely taken the difficult road by doing everything morally and ethically but almost 2 years since launch we are building incredibly high levels of trust that will put us above some really over hyped projects. Further more Telos is the 2nd most utilised blockchain in the World, this is for good reason, the project has real utility and functionality.

All in all i wouldn't look at Telos as a way to get rich quickly (although at these prices it is more than possible it could quickly have a many X return) but a project you can be part of, you can trust, and you can help grow into a community backed super network.

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