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Is it possible to use Wombat wallet with Telos or EOS testnet?

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I am trying to test my dApp in Telos testnet using Wombat wallet. However, I am not able to find a way to configure custom network or switch to testnet, as it is done in Scatter, for example. Is there any way to use Wombat for development purposes in local or testnet environments?

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Not sure about Wombat you will have to ask their tech team, https://t.me/WombatSupport but have you tried using Sqrl wallet?

Sqrl is easily able to interact with the testnet and run smart contract actions.

The ACORNs free digital currency on Telos has examples that will also allow you to interact with the testnet if you set the wallet to point at it, as shown in screenshot.


You can also use this site to onboard new Telos users who are keen self starters https://www.ACORNs.fun

I don't think it is. You can easily do this on almost any other wallet or signing app through - Sqrl, Anchor, etc.

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