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Do we still have future in Peeranha?

For couple of months now, activities here seem to have died down hence my question.

Is peeranha still on?

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I think Peeranha definitely has a future because it is still a unique dapp and use case that people could really engage with. I think there are a few drawbacks at present that could be addressed in reasonably short order:

  • PEER does not yet have the ability to trade on exchanges
  • PEER does not yet have a function within the Peeranha tokenomics
  • User onboarding is limited
  • Ongoing engagement functions are not employed yet

I think that, while it's distressing to do so before the tokens have great utility, getting PEER onto exchanges is a key to user engagement. People don't care much about tokens that they cannot trade. Even if you just made a PEER/TLOS pair on Newdex, etc (ideally with the ability to swap right on the Peeranha site via API) then you would re-energize people. Crypto folks want to trade tokens.

Now I understand that ideally there would be utility in the PEER token, and I've heard some great plans from the Peeranha team, so if there's any way to put those into place, then that would help.

Peeranha needs a fresh push towards user engagement and it should come in conjunction with the points above. People need to see Peeranha anew. It is very hard to do this with limited funding and a small team. But the Peeranha team is very smart and I bet they can recruit help if they put their minds to it.

Most games and apps have regular "ticklers" to re-engage users on an ongoing basis. Peeranha's Telegram bots announcing new questions is a good start, but I would recommend a real push funded by PEER -- the one resource you have in spades.

  1. Plan to get PEER listed on some exchange with some route to liquidity, even if it's only PEER/TLOS on Alcor.

  2. Create some exciting bounties, prizes, etc for questions, answers, community buiding, etc. That gives people a reason to engage. You are building for phase II now, but you aren't yet succeeding in Phase I and it's limiting Peeranha's awesome potential for success.

In summary, I think that Peeranha has an amazing potential to succeed, but it needs to refress it's tokenomics and user engagement to reach it.

We are small team and it takes us time to build new features. However, we continue working hard.
Expect to hear more news from us soon.

i think it need more time for the team, bcoz im not see yet any promotion or someone telling about peeranha, so we must be calm down for a while

Nothing to see yet