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Where to buy TLOS??

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Where is better to buy TLOS tokens?? On Newdex or CoinTiger?

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Probit is also nice, those 3 are the best exchanges to use.

Newdex has the most liqudity but it is a DEX so it requires you to get an EOS account and buy EOS to make the trade and with the recent CPU issues that might be somewhat difficult to do for some users.

Partly it depends on what you want to buy TLOS for. If you want to trade EOS for TLOS, Newdex is easy and quick. It's not exactly a DEX but they don't hold your tokens long while you wait for a trade and that's nice. If you are having EOS resource issues, you can use bloks.io to pay for several free transactions per day on EOS.

If you want to buy for USDT, then Probit or CoinTiger are good. If you want to buy for BTC then you have P2PB2B.

And if you want to use your credit card or something similar, you can use Cryptolocally.

and of course now you can buy EOS and instantly withdraw to TLOS so anyone can now start at coinbase.com or other on ramp exchange and get some EOS for fiat and then convert to TLOS that way now too which opens up a lot of other opportunities to acquire TLOS. If you have no Telos account yet you can start at https://www.ACORNs.fun with the learning token and follow the instructions from there to create a free Telos account

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