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Why aren't more people participating in the Peeranha AMA?

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You could win TLOS and PEER just for writing good questions on Peeranha.io. And Jesse Schulman and I will answer them. So why aren't people taking part in this?

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This is a tough one Douglas - because I don't want to offend. I have more reason than anyone to see Peeranha become a total success. So let me answer it with questions.

  1. Who is the target user market? I don't believe you can still say everyone - as there are too many established players in the space. A target market needs to be identified.

  2. What is the point of differentiation - why would I use Peeranha over another platform?

  3. What is in it for me? Okay - I use a stock market forum because I know that I can get corporate announcements there immediately. So I go. I know that there are others there with knowledge on that company. Another way to ask this might be...

  4. What keeps me logging in every day? At the stock market forum I get corporate events. I get nothing from Peeranha.

So... after writing this... if you decide that your target market is cryptocurrency users. Perhaps there needs to be a news feed in each cryptocurrency channel. This at least would give people a reason to check in regularly.

Incidentally - has this been plugged into telos. net somehow? If it has... this is your target market - bloggers with their own websites. Let the bloggers sell the Q & A forum for you.

Anyway Sergey and Douglas - I hope this helps.

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