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What do you think about Telegram bot for Peeranha?

  • Telos

Telegram bot for Peeranha Q&A was enabled in Telos community Telegram chat. Currently the bot has only one feature - it will notify about new questions.

Do you think the bot will be useful?

Which other features do you think will be helpful for the bot?

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I think its a great tool to help let the community know about new questions being asked here on Peeranha!

I think it's a great way to keep people updated about new questions that they are interested in answering. A Twitter channel that people could follow that also shares new questions being posted would also be great, though you'd probably need one for each community, which would be unwieldy.

The Telegram bot could also alert people whenever someone puts a bounty or tip on an answer. It could also let people know when a best answer has been chosen on a question. Another idea is for a weekly recap of the top open questions so that existing questions without a best answer can receive more notice.

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