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Could Apple CryptoKit be utilised to sign eosio/telos web apps?

Apple Cryptokit has been around for a while now(since WWDC 2019).. To me it sounds like it handles public/private key cryptopgraphy and signing in a similar way to how we see with eosio wallets/signers.

Im guessing there is no easy way of using cryptokit keys with some apple login service on web apps like peeranha otherwise we would have seen it being done by now?

What are the challenges/constraints stopping us from doing this?

For an example of how id love to see it work.. if you visit appleid.apple.com on your iphone. The UX of logging in without username and password is great.. im guessing this does not use cryptokit though but some kind of cookie?

Apologies in advance if my questions here are dumb (not a developer), here are some links to articles that may help.




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