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I see a coin called TelosCoin/(TELOS) AKA Transcendence, is this the real Telos (TLOS)?

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I see a coin called TelosCoin/(TELOS) AKA Transcendence, is this the real Telos (TLOS)?

  • I could release a plan showing how transcendence coin is coming TLOS eosio telos as a dapp , and how it will prevent all future confusion and they will just be made a BP and get telos from WPS and we airdrop some telso to their wallet holders in a token swap and yeah they would have to go along with it because you dont tell the public that you ARENT going through with a plan that everyone already agrees is a great one lol ..... thast one possible solution lol ... to just merge them under telos EOSIO because were obviously the dominant one and theyre the submissive chain

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No, there is a coin with the ticker symbol ‘TELOS’ which has absolutely no relationship with the Telos Network, Telos Foundation or the Telos(TLOS) crypto currency. We don’t know much about this coin but they appear to have started using the ‘TELOS’ ticker symbol around the time the Telos Launch Group was preparing to launch the Telos Network we know and love. It is speculated but unknown if the Transcendence team were attempting to confuse users into purchasing their token.

To be safe, always look for the TLOS ticker symbol, the indigo circle, or the acorn and buy only from exchanges you know and trust.

  • hah no sorry telos coin has been around for years before telos eosio. but yeah sorry you just have to both co exist with this greek name you cant trademark. they were there first and will win any court case so i wouldnt try that, thats very arrogant to act liek we are only oen shwo can use the greek name for "end" lol telos was also in runsecape so what?. do your research. i dont have any of the shit telos coin transcendence and i dont like their project, and i support the EOSIO telos, but they did use the name first before even steemit i think, they were an old altcoin dude lol but yeah, telos on EOSIO is obviously better They are BOTH the "real" telos.... just that We are the GOOD telos lol. theyre just the shitcoin telos with no real future and should cut their losses by asking to move transcendence INTO a dapp

When we were looking at name for Telos we did a thorough search. Teloscoin did not exist. What seems to have happened is that Transcendence updated the name of their coin to Teloscoin after the fact. I don't know whether or not that had anything to do with Telos, but on their bitcointalk ANN thread, it is possible to change the content of an old post later on, which is what happened.

Transcendance/Teloscoin is a fork of PIVX which is a fork of DASH which is a fork of Bitcoin. Of course forks are an accepted part of the software and crypto communities and just because something forks doesn't mean that it is a bad project. However, this should be seen in the proper context, which is that Telos was an original project that had it's name adopted by an existing project after it announced its plan to launch. It's reasonable to get the timing right on this matter. Anyone can judge for themselves once they know that. I certainly cast no aspersions on other projects and I recognize that great names are hard to find, but Telos (the eosio chain) did claim this first. In fact, we have been granted a registered trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Office for "Telos" as related to blockchain.

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