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Why is Telos(TLOS) sometimes represented by an orange acorn as opposed to the indigo circle?

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Why is Telos(TLOS) sometimes represented by an orange acorn as opposed to the indigo circle?

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The Telos Acorn was the original logo for Telos until the community recently moved to the indigo circle representing our big blue planet we call earth. It will take some time before that change is seen across the board and many in the community may always choose to associate with the acorn in some capacity which is totally fine too.The acorn is an important and positive foundational piece of our history we will always remember.

Great question! When we first launched Telos, we (GoodBlock) wanted to build an initial brand for Telos even though we were a very small group still looking to build a community. Because of the Aristotle quote "The telos of an acorn is to become an oak tree" was so representative of what we hoped to accomplish, we made the acorn our symbol and made it vaguely angular in reference to the EOSIO chestihedron angular design common in EOSIO-based blockchains at the time. Personally, I still feel that the promise of an acorn and the thriftiness of a Squirrel hoarding his acorns away is a great iconography for this project.

Flash forward a year or so and Telos had grown. There was interest in finding more of a sophisticated, "big brand" look for Telos. A group called Decrypted was hired by the Telos Foundation in the interest of presenting a more mature look. This is pretty common among projects where you start small and grow and then want to look big. So they came up with the indigo circle. Some people loved it. Some people hated it. Many were in the middle. Since Telos has no central authority, there was no one to say that one logo or another was definitively the official one. This is one of the ways that you know that Telos is a truly decentralized chain. Anyway, both logos are equally valid. In the end, the community will decide which they most support.

Decentralized organizations are weird. It's very hard to have firm answers on certain things. But by the same token, it means no one has the ability to censor you or determine what you can and cannot do. That seems like a very fair trade, to me, for some logo confusion.

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