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Is Telos(TLOS) an investment?

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Is Telos(TLOS) an investment?

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Telos(TLOS) is like land in a suburb. It’s subjective value/utility is affected by supply and demand for it. The value may be affected by users own efforts to build on telos as well as the 1000s or millions of independent community members who build/contribute to the applications/networks/economies on Telos. It is highly dependent on collective efforts from totally independent individuals and entities with no legal binding to each other. We sometimes refer to this as ‘decentralization’.

In short, TLOS is speculative/volatile in value, no individual or entity can be expected to make it more valuable and so it should be primarily purchased only by those who want to use the network capabilities now or in the future for functionality that the traditional internet does not cater for.

There is no company or operator of the network who can be held liable or responsible for improving the Telos Network.

If you buy a few thousand Telos today for, say $20 USD, you will almost certainly be able to use the Telos network all you want until the end of time or as long as Telos exists. (Same thing, to my mind, but others may disagree.) That is not speculative. If you believe, like I do, that acquiring a stake in Telos means that you, and probably you great-grandchildren, will be able to enjoy nearly unlimited usage of the network, then buying TLOS is simply a very inexpensive pre-payment on that network usage.

Now, in crypto, there are people looking to make big money on identifying projects likely to increase in value. They are buying the tokens to sell when everyone else finally realizes the value that they recognize in a project. There are people who see the disconnect between the real features and adoption of Telos as out of alignment with the current price of TLOS relative to other cryptos who are betting on a significant price increase. Those people are speculating. There's nothing inherently wrong with this. But that's not the primary group we're looking to reach through our work with Telos. It's just an unavoidable product of building an exciting future-facing project.

There's no way to know the investment quality of any cryptocurrency. However, when you look at Telos as a growing blockchain network with real adoption from apps and users, it's not hard to understand the position of speculators who expect price appreciation and therefore consider TLOS a legitimate investment.

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