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How can you create a non fungible asset on telos ?

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When you create a token, each token is similar and you can substitute one token with another one.
Non fungible asset are unique asset.
You can buy nonfungible assets on https://telos.simplemarket.io/

But how can you create a non fungible asset on telos?

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Non-fungible token is simply a kind of smart contract on Telos blockchain. Technically anyone can come up with own implementation of the contract that provides uniqueness of each token and functions to transfer token, etc. However, it is beneficial when tokens are following a standard interface which would allow for any wallet or exchange to support many tokens without any extra logic but with a simple configuration.

One of the of NFT standards for EOSIO was developed by UNICO. Github repository of their NFT token is here https://github.com/unicoeos/eosio.nft

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