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Can you explain the difference between TLOS and EOS price ?

  • Telos

Telos and EOS can provide the same services for Dapps, but EOS as a marketcap of $ 2.5 Billion and telos $ 7.5 million.
Which factors can explain this huge difference ?

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Good question. There are several factors:

  • EOS has more users still than Telos. Although for the past 2 months, Telos has added more new accounts per month than EOS.
  • EOS raised $4 billion in its ICO; Telos never did an ICO
  • EOS is on numerous exchanges and lists like Weiss and the Chinese Government's crypto rankings
  • There are more dapps on EOS than Telos (though many of these are gambling apps)

These factors together seem to confer additional value to EOS. However:

  • Telos is better managed than EOS and does not suffer resource shortages
  • Telos is more affordable for dapps and users - at about 1/300 the price of EOS for the same resources
  • Telos has the same transaction capacity as EOS even if it is not yet used
  • Telos apps are almost entirely real-world problem solving apps as opposed to EOS where many are casino/gambling apps
  • Telos has important features that EOS cannot match like Telos Decide, that are attracting apps and users today

It remains a bit of a mystery why Telos should be so severely undervalued against EOS, especially when it compares favorably on many fronts. Typically efficient markets quickly arbitrage such price irregularities. However, the crypto markets are not nearly as efficient as they should be and therefore take more time to equalize prices across similar projects with very large price discrepancies like you have noticed between EOS and Telos.

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