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How fast is dStor ?

Can you use dStor for Dapps like Peeranhia, Murmur or Hive ?
Is it fast enough ?

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dStore is not available for public yet. To my knowledge, the project is currently in private beta.

In my understanding dStore will be based on IPFS. It creates economic incentive for nodes to store files and provide API to service the file. I expect performance to be similar to performance of the IPFS nodes.

What we are seeing in testing is that dStor should be as fast as any traditional cloud storage provider. And in areas of the world far from primary server zones, it is likely to be faster.

These are small differences, generally, because the internet today is so fast. One thing that's exciting is that we have already shown that dStor is able to serve streaming video without lagging, which is one of the most important tests of server speed.

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