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Should we be cautious about Tether?

i Hear a lot of pro and con's about tether, and sure DAI is better tech, but Tether is available on almost every platform.

Why such a controversy around this topic?

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Telos is better
And Telos has at least 1 stablecoin - ACORN
Consider this as alternative

Yes we have to be cautious of Tether. They have not officially had a audit to make sure they can cover all Tether thats printed.

Yeah, probably. There's not a lot of proof that USDT really has the cash reserves that they claim. However, USDT is one of the highest volume cryptocurrencies around. It seems that it's probably reasonably safe as a way to process transactions between exchanges since it's fast and inexpensive. I would not recommend holding much value in Tether.

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