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What is your opinion about AreaX project?

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Hi there,
What is your opinions about AreaX project?
Write your idea, suggestion, review or feedback about AreaX.
Thank you.

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It's great
I even wrote an article about it: https://cryptotexty.io/areax/

It's a great idea to attract gamers on telos, but you should better discribe the available games on your website.

AreaX token DRIC is already listed on Newdex. You can log in daily for free tokens. DRIC can be used to join a league to compete for tokens. Lots of fun creative games already, I like the basketball game. Tokens can also be used to buy in game items, this game is still developing, looks good so

I'm excited to see AreaX. I think a lot of users miss the fact that this is an open platform for various gamemakers to submit their own games and reach users and earn DRIC tokens. That's pretty cool.

I would like to see AreaX migrate towards brain-training mini-games with blockchain rewards. I feel that's underserved market right now, and especially welcome in the COVID world.

Nothing to see yet