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What's your favorite altcoin?

yes you can shill, for ones :)

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The Manna currency, an universal basic income

I have big hopes for utility tokens. Currently there is a believe that value of a utility token over time goes to zero, which I disagree with (if something as successful as Google, Facebook or Instagram used a token how its value would be $0?).

With that said, I am looking forward to seeing a truly successful platform that reached mass adoption (not just because of the token rewards but because of solving a problem) with a utility token. I really hope that Peeranha with PEER token can become one of the first.

I find it hard to choose :)

sure I like:

  • platform/DApp coins like: ethereum, eos, cardano
  • privacy coins like: monero, Zcash, Dash (also like the 'decentralised organisation aspect of the latter)
  • utility tokens like: BNB, MCO, DATA, BAT, STEEM,
  • DAG's like: iota, Nano
  • funny tokens like: Dogecoin, banano

and some more

EOS by far. They have a great community withe superb technology.

TLOS, of course.

Though I may be somewhat biased.

Nothing to see yet