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What are the ration of false positive and false negative with Agerona ?

Detection test are not 100 % accurate. What is the accuracy of Agerona concerning false positive and fase negative ?

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Agerona by itself is not processing the test kits, it is a platform that gives people an ability to get a test kit and send it to a certified laboratory, where it will be processed and after that they give you the result. As far as I know the accuracy of the result depends on the type of kit that a person orders.

Agerona as a project wound down. Most of the people taking part in Agerona started a new project with similar aims called Epios. (epios.org)

Epios provides anonymous test results for epidemics such as COVID-19. As Pavlo mentioned, Epios provides a framework and access mobile app for people in various countries to engage with anonymous testing (where anonymity is ensured through the structural design of the project in a patent-pending method). The tests and processing labs, themselves, must be approved and licensed in each country as a way to comply with local laws and medical supply chains.

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