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A community for HIVE must be created. What do you think?

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We have attended a STEEM Hardfork created Hive and its new presentation as HIVE, where most of the APPs have migrated there. I would like to know your opinion about creating a new community here in PEERANHA to deal with HIVE issues.

Appreciating your opinions

Telos account: felixgcia.jc
Hive account: https://hive.blog/@felixgarciap

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Thank you for the recommendation. Since we already have STEEM community it makes sense to add Hive community as well. We will add it soon.

Good idea.
I followed you.
And don't forget there is Telos community on Hive which was created recently

yes, we need a peeranha community on Hive and a Hive community on peeranha
Both projects will grow together.

Absolutely. HIVE is now so much more engaged and exciting than STEEM (to me). It would be a great community for Peeranha to add.

Nothing to see yet