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What do you do in quarantine?

Hi !
It's interesting to ask what are you doing during these days of quarantine?
I know many people in Telos community work a lot
But what else?
Drinking? Going out to walk empty streets or parks? Reading? Watching films? Social media?

As for me I try to work more than in past and also reading a lot

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I think it's a great time to do more reading/research into blockchain governance and engage more with the community. Of course, a walk from time to time is good. Haven't turned to alcohol... yet :P

At first, i thought this period would be good that i rest enough from the stress i passed through school, until i realized it will be unwise of me. currently am learning new things-playing of drums, reading books on finance, relationship and leadership, setting out plans to do better in coping with stress in school

Working on my skills for when things get back to normal

I am discovering the Telos world and Dapps

Reading, learning, working, writing English to improve my English, preparing marketing for after corona

I work a lot. I'm on around 20 projects at some level where I have weekly deliverables. (It's too many but I am excited about these projects and want to support them.) Every day I try to spend some good time with my children. They are basically adults now so I realize that I'm lucky to get this extra time with them before they head out on their own. There are a lot of daily chores to do to try to improve life for my family. After two + years of working on Telos, my house is a mess! So I try to improve that here and there. But I am also writing up a lot of new features and projects for Telos and occassionally coming up with a new idea worth writing a patent for. And I do a LOT of Zoom calls.

What I'd LIKE to be doing is more excercise and pleasure reading. But at the moment, it's quite hard to schedule time for.

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