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Error - "name parameter is a required string permission" when updating keys

Currently both my owner and active key are the same (genesis key), and I'd like to change them to be more secure.

In the SQRL wallet I go to Tools -> Permissions and click the Modify button beside owner permission. I paste in the public key that I generated, click the Update Permission button, and get the following error:

name parameter is a required string permission_level.permission = ["acctname@undefined"] action.authorization = [{"actor":"accntname","permission":["accntname@undefined"]}] transaction.actions = [{"account":"sqrlwalletio","name":"payforcpunet","authorization":

I thought "name parameter" might refer to the Permission Name, which is set to "owner" before I click Update Permission.

Any help is appreciated.

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I managed to get help through the SQRL Telegram channel. I originally imported the key using an old version of SQRL which didn't link it to @owner or @active. I was able to resolve the problem by re-importing the private key (tools -> manage wallets -> import account) and linking it to @owner.

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