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Is it possible to get from the blockchain copies of my posts on steemit?

I have lost track of my posts on steemit. Is there any possibility of getting copies of my posts from the blockchain? If yes, how?

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Steemit is public blockchain. Anyone is able to read any content from Steem Blockchain.

This developer reference has information about retrieving posts using JavaScript: https://developers.steem.io/tutorials-javascript/get_posts

There is a reference to a source code of the app: https://developers.steem.io/tutorials-javascript/get_posts

You would need to add filter by author. Setting tag value of query object to author's user name should work.

Another example: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@jefpatat/getting-started-with-steem-js-make-the-most-basic-blog-possible

I see there is already and answer here, but I would provide answer
Why not to just access your account and copy-paste the posts from your page?..

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