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How did Nigerian universities find Telos?

Do universities communicate regularly to share information? Is this how so many different places in Nigeria have found Telos?

From what I have seen, students take enormous initiative in Nigeria compared to the United States. Here, students would be just focused on homework and classes without any real-world application.

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Through SteemChurch.


SteemChurch is strongly behind the campaign that created the awareness about Telos in Nigeria Universities; take for example, I myself and so many others through SteemChurch Telos expansion program took the good news about Telos to Universities in Nigeria.

I through SteemChurch created team of students at National Open University in Nigeria Enugu State chapter, Institute of Management and Technology ( IMT) and Enugu State University (ESUT)

SteemChurch is the first Church found on the blockchain, they are known for their many tools on the blockchain which has enabled them in reaching out to Christians around the world, creating awareness about the value of blockchain, creating opportunities through commerce and industry, web base applications infrastructures etc.


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